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About Downtown St. Pete

Named one of the Best 20 Places to Live and Visit by Coastal Living magazine, downtown St Petersburg is a cosmopolitan city filled with a thriving arts, restaurant, sports, recreation and business community.

There are numerous options for city living in St Petersburg's urban waterfront ranging from luxury condominiums on Beach Drive to contemporary lofts for young professionals.

Downtown St. Pete

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Downtown St. Pete

getting to Downtown St. Pete

Downtown St. Petersburg is located on the southeastern section of our county. Downtown has waterfront areas and includes Beach Dr. and Central Ave. The easiest way to get to Downtown St. Petersburg is to take I275 to I375 until it ends. Most of the street parking is metered. Recently new meters were installed throughout the county that utilize payments via a smartphone app. If you are new to the area, it will only take moments once you park to download the app and process your payment. You can monitor your remaining time left on your meter, and if the zone allows for more time, add funds to your meter from wherever you are.